[FR001] Hank Hobson - Inferior

by Singulary Records

  • Limited Edition 3,5" Floppy Disk

    The following collection edition is created in the spirit the first musical floppy-releases were made in early 90s. All tracks, combined by the Lo-fi atmosphere, are saved in WMA format and packed into the RAR-archive for the more comfortable viewing.

    The single is released in limited edition of 6 floppy-discs, each marked with the relevant number: [01\06, 02\06, 03\06, 04\06, 05\06, 06\06].

    If you will buy this edition, then in him you will find description and reference to complete single containing a bonus-track of "Inferior" createdd together with Yegor Smirnov aka Cyanide Bastard + Bonus remix by Hobotek. The release can be downloaded for free (or for the sum of money you choose to transfer) in FLAC, ALAC, AAC, OGG и MP3 formats.

    Release Date: 14 Jan 2014

    Released by Singulary Records.

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"I found myself inside a vast, silver funnel, as high as a cathedral nave. A cluster of colored pipes ran down the sloping walls and disappeared into rounded orifices. I turned round. The ventilation shafts were roaring, sucking in the poisonous gases from the planet’s atmosphere which had infiltrated when my capsule had landed inside the Station. Empty, resembling a burst cocoon, the cigar-shaped capsule stood upright, enfolded by a calyx mounted on a steel base. The outer casing, scorched during flight, had turned a dirty brown. I went down a small stairway. The metal floor below had been coated with a heavy-duty plastic. In places, the wheels of trolleys carrying rockets had worn through this plastic covering to expose the bare steel beneath."


released January 14, 2014



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